Our People

Memory Care in Evans, Georgia

Resident of the Month

Meet Hattie 

Hattie was born in 1936 and had nine siblings. Hattie was the oldest daughter with five brothers before her. She did a lot of work around the house from milking cows to scrubbing the wood floors. Whatever needed to be done she was there to help. She was a big part of her siblings lives as they were a big part in hers.

Hattie married her husband who was also raised in a large family. Her husband served in the Air Force for thirty years. They lived in Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee together. They have three beautiful children together, two boys and one girl. Her greatest accomplishment has been being a mother to their children.

Hattie enjoys cooking, being with other people, and she loves sports. She had a restaurant in her hometown of Darlington, Florida. She also was a maid supervisor for an Air Force barracks in Tennessee. Hattie and her husband received national recognition in Tennessee. She is an advocate for God and the family unit. She enjoyed working the many years she did with the youth at her church in her hometown. Hattie is delighted in sharing her love and contagious smile and laughter.

Associate of the Month

Meet Amber 

Amber was raised in Esto, Florida with her older brother. She has a beautiful three year old daughter. Her daughter is her world, she strives every day to be the best mother she can be. She loves spending her time outside of work with her daughter and loved ones. Amber enjoys cleaning, cooking, swimming, and sharing love and joy with our residents. Her favorite place is the river. She loves the nature and how peaceful and quiet it is.

Amber has been an employee at Madison Heights and Kelly Place since March of 2019. She is passionate about her work and our residents. Amber strives to be better at her job each and every day. Everyone loves her and feels she is very hard working, reliable, loving, and caring coworker and employee.

Resident of the Month

Meet Vanis 

Vanis loves being around others and interacting with those around him. He loves children, animals and participating in activities. Vanis served for 22 years in the Army and is a Bronze Star recipient. We are honored to have him at our community!

Associate of the Month

Meet Miranda 

Congratulations to Miranda for being chosen as the Associate of the Month!

Miranda was chosen as Associate of the Month because she is always willing to help where needed. She takes pride in her work and has gone above and beyond to help with additional assignments. She has a wonderful rapport with the family and coworkers! She is attentive, compassionate and caring.

Associate of the Month

Meet janice

Congratulations to Janice for being chosen as the Associate of the Month!

Janice was chosen as Associate of the Month because she is dedicated, dependable and arrives early to work. She is a team player with a caring, compassionate and courteous disposition who is always willing to help others when needed. She is also wonderful at keeping a clean environment for our residents and has great relationships with family members. Thank you Janice for all you do for Madison Heights!

Resident of the Month


Charlen grew up in the Panama Canal Zone with her two sisters. Later in life she worked as a data entry operator in the courthouse for 30 years. She enjoyed her job and it was very important to her. Charlen used to attend Nascar Races in Florida. Charlen is fun to be around and loves to make people laugh. We are grateful to have her at our community!

Associate of the Month

Meet brenda 

Congratulations to Brenda for being chosen as the Associate of the Month!

Brenda was chosen as Associate of the Month because she is hard working and is always willing to help out and take on a challenge. She has a positive attitude and is compassionate, friendly, courteous and attentive. She puts the residents needs before her own and works well with others.

When asked what her favorite part of working at Madison Heights is Brenda replied, “Being with the residents. I am a caregiver. Everyone is good to me here. I enjoy coming to work because I like the people.”

Resident of the Month

Meet Felicitia 

Felicitia is from Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish. She still enjoys practicing her Catholic faith and receives communion weekly from St. Teresa Church. Felicitia enjoys attending some outings. Her favorite past times are playing bingo, painting. and watching television. We are honored to have Felicitia at our home!

Resident of the Month

Meet Elsie 

Elsie is the proud mom to two boys. Her work was a very important part of her life. She worked for the Department of Defense in Washington DC. She was later voted Columbia, SC businesswoman of the year. She was an avid volunteer for many organizations and enjoyed cooking and gardening.

Elsie is extremely witty and has a great sense of humor. She enjoys music therapy, pet therapy, children, art and going on outings. Having things orderly and tidy is important to her. She also likes to help out where needed.

Resident of the Month


Born in Japan, Toni came to America after getting married. She has five children – three boys and two girls. She was a seamstress who opened her own alteration shop after leaving JB White’s. Toni enjoys dogs, children, art and loves to go on outings. She enjoys spending time with her friends in her building and enjoying the courtyard when the weather is warm. We are lucky to have Toni a part of our community!

Resident of the Month

Meet Mary 

Meet Mary, a young and vibrant 82 who resides at our community! Mary had two sisters and is still best friends with her remaining sister. She was a nurse in a clinic at the Medical College. Some of her favorite memories are from her trip to Ireland, and her condo at Tybee Island.

She likes to be busy and see what everyone else is into. She enjoys strolls and caring for baby dolls and also loves spending time with her sister and nephew.

We are grateful to have Mary a part of our community!